Upcoming Events

Science Pub Series #12 - Our Next Generation of Innovators
3:00 PM Sun 28 Jan 2018 Featured Event
We are pleased to share this invitation from the Harvard Club of Southern California. Join Dr. Rob Williams, retired Air Force officer and director of Discovery Lab Global (DLG), as he introduces the concept of “Entrepreneurial STEM through the Eyes of an Avatar.” Please register as soon as possible as seating is limited.
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Registration & Plan Submission: 8th Annual Alumni New Venture Contest
11:59 PM Mon 29 Jan 2018 Featured Event
We won’t be dumping any tea but join us and learn about this unique beverage that started a revolution. You’ll learn a little bit about this beverage including why partaking in it is beneficial to your health.
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Purpose Incorporated: Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage
5:15 PM to 6:45 PM Mon 05 Feb 2018 Featured Event
We are pleased to share the following inviation to join the The Harvard Club of Southern California as they welcome Harry R. Lewis, AB ’68, PhD, ’74, the Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science, and former Dean of Harvard College, who will be speaking on "The Past and Future of Engineering at Harvard."
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How to Get Your News into the News
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Wed 07 Feb 2018 Featured Event

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LOGISTICS AND VOLUNTEERS: An inspirational story on how to successfully manage both
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Thu 12 Apr 2018 Featured Event
Join us for our April "Inside The Company" event at Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County. Second Harvest’s management will give us an inside look at their organization, the difficulties and challenges they face, how they overcome them, and what lies ahead.
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Welcome to the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County (HBSAOC)

The HBSAOC is here to serve Orange County by bringing HBS’ mission to Southern California:  To educate leaders who make a difference in the world.  We do this by hosting business, social, and  educational events for the Orange County business community.  We welcome alums from all colleges and universities. We welcome all business leaders. We welcome friends and family.  We welcome you all to our extended Community.

What does Harvard mean to you?

If you did not attend any of the Harvard Colleges, it’s probably just a brand that many associate with “smart” people.  Maybe you have a positive view of Harvard alums or maybe interactions with a few discoloured your view of the many.  We invite you to take a closer look.  You’ll find that we are just people who care about our friends and family and we invite you to be a part of our extended community.

If you are a Harvard alum, it’s memories of a uniquely intense learning experience.  It’s feeling lucky that somehow, we were admitted.  It’s beautiful, albeit extremely cold, winters, and lovely fall foliage.  We invite you to continue your Harvard experience with us.

To Business School Alums, its relationships forged through study groups, case studies cold calls, section/living group parties, club conferences, endless balls, all culminating in an end-of-year musical extravaganza that pokes fun at ourselves but with an underlying recognition of the incredible friendships formed over a remarkable period of time when we were lucky enough to be in Cambridge. We invite you to extend that experience into your everyday life.

We recognize that we are no longer in Cambridge.  We are in Orange County.  This is our home.  This is where we work, where we play, where we raise our families.  Living in Southern California, with its temperate weather, diversity of activities and excellent education system, is a privilege. We love Orange County and seek to bring out the excellence that can be found here, in its leadership, its diversity, and its community. 

What does Harvard mean to you?

If you’re an alumnus, you know what it meant.  Join us, attend events and give it NEW meaning in the context of your life today.

If you’re not alumnus, join us at events and give it more personal meaning.  Help us serve Orange County by bringing out the excellence that is here.

Welcome to the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County!  We hope to see you soon!